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Audit Faults DEA Mishandling of Cash Seizures

U.S. Department of Justice
Office of the Inspector General
Audit Division
Audit Report 07-06
January 2007
"The purpose of this audit was to evaluate whether the DEA established
and implemented effective controls for safeguarding seized cash. As shown
in the following chart, from October 1, 2003, through November 3, 2005,
the DEA recorded 16,007 cash seizures totaling almost $616 million in its
Division offices."
"...our audit testing at 28 DEA offices found that
the DEA had not adequately implemented many of its existing internal
control policies regarding cash seizures, including maintaining
documentation demonstrating compliance with the policies."
"For most seizures we tested, we found no documentation indicating that a
witnessing agent or task force officer was present at critical stages of the
cash handling process. Further, we found many instances in which agents
and task force officers generally did not count the seized currency; did not
provide a receipt to the subject from whom the currency was taken; did not
complete documents transferring custody of the currency to an evidence
custodian; and did not record the receipt, transfer, or disposal of the
currency in a temporary or permanent control ledger."

One should not assume that all of the $616 million that was seized in the past three years was "drug money." The DEA always seizes any cash they find and then claims it's drug money, forcing the victim to forfeit  the money or file an expensive long-shot lawsuit to get it back. Anyone traveling with large amounts of cash is subject to having it seized. 

Of course the $616 million this audit covers was all that was accounted for. How much money has disappeared into the pockets of rogue DEA agents? No one knows the answer to that.



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